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Welcome to The Guided Life

Welcome to The Guided Life community

The Guided Life is an Exclusive community for Cognitive Explorers.

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This is a community platform for the people who wants to Guide people or wants to take guidance from someone else.

One member can create their own profile, follow topics, follow people, write blogs, and chat via community chat system.


Parliament C Level Executive List

Despite growing opposition, Andrzej C Level Executive List Duda narrowly won again in the last elections called amid the pandemic. The right-wing revolution in Poland continues On July 12, 2020, two 48-year-old politicians faced each other in the second round of C Level Executive List the presidential elections in Poland: the incumbent president, Andrzej Duda, candidate of the conservative right articulated in Law and Justice (PiS, for its acronym in Polish), and Rafał Trzaskowski, current mayor of C Level Executive List Warsaw and candidate of the main opposition force, the centrist liberal Civic Platform (PO) party.

The candidates presented C... (More)

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Welcome Nikhil Parashar at The Guided Life. Nikhil is a Regional Program Associate at Trifed, Ministry of Tribal Affairs. He will be contributing on #Heritage, Culture and Communities Topic.
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The Story of Visual Effects and ILM

"A Galaxy Far Far Away"

It was 1977. George Lucas had written a script with the above line at the very beginning of the page. It was abstract, unimaginable in real life Filmmaking then. Only 20th Century Fox had a optical visual effects facility, but only for the inhouse films.

George with his ambitious project "Star Wars" reached to Douglas Trumbull, who was working with Steven Spielberg then for "Close Encounters of The Third Kind". He referred George to John Dykstra, who was trained in industrial design and had worked with Douglas on "Silent Running" movie... (More)